Fire at a Dress Shop Stopped by Sprinklers

ROCKFORD, IL (December 24, 2018)—The Rockford Fire Department responded to an alarm at a local business, which sold dresses. Once inside, firefighters found smoke inside and an extinguished fire thanks to a sprinkler system. Fire damage was limited to a small area of merchandise, but the business and a neighboring business suffered water damage estimated at $15,000. There were no injuries. Source: Nexstar Broadcasting

Sprinklers Keep High School Fire in Check

WHEELING, IL (December 17, 2018)—A small fire at Wheeling High School was extinguished quickly thanks to the school’s sprinkler system. A fire was contained to a storage closet housing paint and lacquer near the school’s woodshop. There were no injuries and only minimal damage, with the closet cleaned and ready for use the same day. Student stayed outside for 20 minutes while fire crews cleaned up the scene. Source: Journal & Topics Online Media Group

Sprinklers Help Control Mattress Factory Fire

CHICAGO, IL (December 9, 2018) — No one was injured in a fire that broke out at a mattress factory in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. The fire quickly spread through the warehouse, but the fire was contained by water from both the activated sprinkler system from inside the building and from the firefighters trying to combat the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown. There were no injuries. Source: Chicago Tribune  

Sprinklers Prevent Structural Damage at Manufacturing Plant

ALTAMONT, IL (December 3, 2018) — A sprinkler system inside a machine at Irwin Telescopic activated to prevent the entire building from being destroyed. When firefighters arrived on the scene, the machine was still smoldering. According to Altamont Fire Department, a filter inside a dust collector in the south end of the building was the source of the fire. Employees were evacuated, and there were no injuries. There was an estimated $20,000 in damage to the dust collector. Source: Effingham Daily News


Sprinklers Save Billions of Dollars in Product from Going Up in Flames

CHICAGO, IL (November 23, 2018) — A fire broke out in a large furniture warehouse in the Ford City neighborhood of Chicago during the early hours of Black Friday. Fire crews responded to United Furniture and discovered several couches on fire. The sprinkler system, where 20 heads fused, extinguished the flames, according to officials. More than 50 employees were evacuated but no one was injured and no one was transported from the scene for medical treatment. The cause of the fire is unknown. The sprinklers were credited in saving billions of dollars of product from being destroyed. Source: Chicago Tribune

Sprinklers Credited for Saving Popular Restaurant

ORLAND PARK, IL (November 22, 2018) A sprinkler system at the Patio restaurant is credited with limiting the damage caused by an early morning fire on Thanksgiving. The Orland Fire Protection District was dispatched to the scene for an activated fire alarm. Crews found smoke inside the restaurant. Upon investigation, a single sprinkler head extinguished the fire that started in the cooking oil fryers. Firefighters put out the remainder of the fire that was present in the air ducts above the fryers. A press release from the Orland Fire Protection District noted the important role sprinklers played in preventing the fire from spreading and destroying the restaurant. There were no injuries. Source: Orland Fire Protection District

Sprinkler System Saves South Elgin Apartment Building

SOUTH ELGIN, IL (November 20, 2018) — No one was injured when a fire damaged an apartment building in South Elgin. Upon arrival, firefighters did not see a fire. After a resident alerted the firefighters to water coming from under a garage door of an unoccupied building, they entered and saw smoke inside. The fire was found between the ceiling and floor of a two-story unit. A sprinkler pipe between the two levels was compromised by the fire, and melted. As a result, it released water to help keep the fire in check. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation. Source: Chicago Tribune


Sprinklers Prevent Fire from Spreading in Apartment Building

DEKALB, IL (October 22, 2018) — The DeKalb Fire Department responded to the fire, which started on the stove of a ground-floor apartment, in an apartment complex. Upon arrival, which was six minutes after the call came in, firefighters discovered the fire was extinguished on by the unit’s sprinkler system. The fire was an accident, and it was confined to one apartment. Water damage displaced an additional family. No injuries were reported. The estimated damage between the two apartments was $20,000. Source: The Daily Chronicle  

Sprinklers Control Fire at Paper Warehouse; Damage Estimated at $200,000

AURORA, IL (October 17, 2018) — The Aurora Fire Department responded to the WestRock Paper Warehouse after one of the machines on the second floor ignited. The facility’s in-house fire brigade attempted to extinguish the fire without success before they called 9-1-1. The building’s sprinkler system activated. The fire spread above the area where the sprinklers were located and caught parts of the roof on fire. One employee was treated on scene for smoke inhalation, but he declined to be taken to the hospital. The total estimated loss is $200,000. Source: Aurora Beacon News  

Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire at Suburban Chicago School

LAGRANGE, IL (October 16, 2018) — The LaGrange Fire Department responded to Cossitt Avenue School after a fire alarm was pulled in the morning. School officials reported custodial staff extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived. Upon investigation it was discovered that sprinklers put out the small fire. The cause remains unknown. All the students and staff were evacuated safely. There were no injuries. Source: Suburban Life

Sprinklers Prevent Warehouse Fire from Spreading

AURORA, IL (October 2, 2018) — Aurora firefighters responded to equipment that was on fire in a warehouse near Interstate 88 and the Aurora outlet mall. Upon arrival, firefighters found the one-story warehouse filled with smoke. After investigation, firefighters found a large hopper filled with foam padding that was on fire. A single sprinkler head activated which kept the fire under control until firefighters were able to completely extinguish it. The cause of the fire was that the machine overheated. There were no injuries. Source: Aurora Beacon News


Single Fire Sprinkler Saves Whiteside County East Courthouse

STERLING, IL (Sept. 13, 2018) — A single fire sprinkler activated and put out a fire in the bathroom of the 4th floor apartment of a 20-unit building above the Whiteside County East Courthouse. According to the Sterling Fire Chief Gary Cook, if it was not for the sprinkler, life and property would have been lost. The courtrooms were open for business the next day. Source: Sterling Fire Department Press Release

Sprinklers Prevent Major Damage at Peoria Sam’s Club

PEORIA, IL (Sept. 10, 2018) — One sprinkler head activated and kept a fire under control before crews arrived at a Peoria Sam’s Club. Fire crews were called the store and found light smoke coming from the side doors of the building. The fire originated in the kitchen area, but it remains under investigation. There were no injuries, and all employees and customers were safely evacuated. The store was temporarily closed, and there was an estimated $1 million in product damage. Source: Peoria Journal Star