Accidental Kitchen Fire at Caroll Towers apartment building

ST. CHARLES, IL (February 22, 2018) – The St. Charles Fire Department responded to a fire that trapped a female occupant in her second floor apartment when combustible materials that were left on the stove caught fire. The sprinkler system inside the building held the fire in check in the kitchen, and firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in 15 minutes and rescue the occupant, whose injuries were non-life threatening. No other injuries were reported. Source: www.stcharlesil.gov/news  

Sprinklers credited with saving students lives at Northwestern University

EVANSTON, IL (February 12, 2018) – A dryer fire that began on the second floor of an Evanston apartment that is home to nine Northwestern students was reported on February 12, 2018. Five occupants were home at the time and were able to safely evacuate the building by the time the Evanston Fire Department arrived to find that a sprinkler had activated and kept the fire under control. “The fire alarm and sprinkler system worked exactly as designed, saving both lives and property,” Fire Chief Brian Scott said. Evanston’s city code requires that when single-family homes are converted to multi-family use, sprinklers and an audible alarm must be installed, the department noted. This site had been converted to multiple units, and so was protected by the code-mandated sprinkler system. Source: Evanston Patch  

Car fire in parking garage at John Hancock Building

CHICAGO, IL (February 11, 2018) – As smoke from a car on fire on the seventh floor of a parking garage inside the John Hancock Building wafted up dozens of floors, the Chicago fire department received over 30 calls from concerned building occupants. “The sprinkler system, again, did what it was supposed to do and held it in check,” said Dan Cunningham, district chief of the Chicago Fire Department. Nearly 150 firefighters responded to the scene as smoke from the car spread. No injuries were reported and the fire was extinguished in ten minutes. Source: Chicago Tribune  

Fire sprinkler prevents the spread of fire in student apartment

NORMAL, IL (February 7, 2018) – Normal Fire Department responded to a February 7, 2018 fire at the Lodge on Willow, a student apartment in Normal. The fire began in a third floor bedroom, and was contained to that room by the successful activation of a fire sprinkler. “This is a perfect example of a fire sprinkler system getting water on an early stage fire fast and knocking the fire down before it got out of control,” said Normal Fire Chief Mick Humer. No injuries were reported. Source: www.WJBC.com  

Sprinklers prevent massive destruction during construction

Springfield, IL (February 5, 2017)—A sprinkler system saved a 92-unit apartment building that was under construction from being destroyed. Upon arrival, the fire department assured that the fire was completely out, controlled the water flow, and initiated an investigation within minutes. The fire investigation remains as an open case file; however, security camera show two unidentified subjects who vandalized a portion of the first floor, and set it on fire before leaving the building. The fire could have easily been a large-loss fire had the sprinkler system not been in place and functioning. The construction permit for this project listed the value at $10 million. There were no injuries. The investigation is ongoing. Source: Springfield Fire Department


Chemical fire at Kroc Community Center in Quincy

QUINCY, IL (February 2, 2018) – A suspected chemical fire broke out in a pump room near the swimming pool area of the Kroc Community Center on February 2, 2018, forcing evacuation of the building’s patrons and employees. Quincy Fire Department Capt. Mark Bigelow reports that the fire was extinguished by a fire sprinkler. No injuries were reported, and damage was minimal. “Another win for automatic sprinkler systems,” Bigelow said. Source: The Herald-Whig  



Windemere Park Senior Community apartment fire contained

WARREN, IL (January 4, 2018) – A fire on January 4, 2018 in a Warren assisted living apartment complex was extinguished after the activation of one fire sprinkler helped contain the fire to a single unit on the fifth floor. The blaze started when a small, artificial Christmas tree inside a curio cabinet in the apartment caught fire. Warren Fire Commissioner Wilburt McAdams said firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire, and building management was able to relocate seniors displaced from their apartments to other units in the facility. source:  Macomb Daily  



Fire sprinklers save Winnetka Community House fitness center

WINNETKA, IL (December 28, 2017) – On December 28, Fire sprinklers kept a fire from spreading at the Winnetka Community House fitness center. The incident was caused when towels in a dryer caught fire. The blaze was contained in the laundry room and fitness center area, largely thanks to the building’s sprinkler system. “The sprinklers kind of held it in check until we got there,” said Winnetka Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky. “The system did its job, which I think was what made a difference in saving the building.” The fitness center reopened the following day.]]>