Fire Safety Advocate Sher Grogg Discussed How Fire Sprinklers Could Have Saved Her Brother and Family

Common Voices, a national fire safety advocacy organization, teamed up with the Alsip Fire Department and NIFSAB to conduct a fire and sprinkler demonstration for WGN’s Ana Belaval for Fire Prevention Week. During WGN’s Morning News program, Belaval was live at the Alsip fire station where the side-by-side demonstration was set up. While the fire quickly grew in the unsprinklered room, NIFSAB’s Executive Director Tom Lia explained what flashover was, how deadly a house fire can be because of the furnishings in homes and why it is important for everyone to have an escape plan.

During the demonstration in the room that was protected with the fire sprinkler, Belaval spoke with Sher Grogg, an advocate with Common Voices. Grogg lost her brother, sister-in-law, and their four grandchildren in an Annapolis, Maryland fire in January of 2015. She talked about how quickly the fire spread. Even though the home had working smoke alarms, her brother died trying to save his loved ones. Grogg said that the outcome would have been much different if the home would have been protected with fire sprinklers.

Grogg has educated herself regarding fire, flashover, and the resulting destruction. She became an advocate for fire safety and fire sprinklers since her family tragedy. She credits finding Common Voices as a key part of her recovery process. Helping to educate others in their memory eases the pain.

The front of the side-by-side demonstraton was set up to look like a home with a front door. The panels covering each of the rooms were removed for the demonstration.

Lia said he grateful to Alsip Fire Chief Tom Stycznski for all of his help and the resources from the Alsip Fire Department to conduct the live fire and sprinkler demonstration.

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