Fire at Right Pointe Company in DeKalb

DEKALB, IL (December 20, 2017) – The DeKalb Fire Department arrived to extinguish a fire on December 20, 2017 after reports of heavy black smoke pouring out of a manufacturing plant were received. DeKalb Fire Captain Luke Howieson reported that “the fire was under control within 10 minutes” after the building’s sprinkler system was activated. Firefighters were able to extinguish the rest with fire extinguishers. In under thirty minutes, no smoke was visible outside the building. Howieson said the fire began in an area of the building where machinery is kept. DeKalb Fire Chief Eric Hicks added that the company’s operations were able to continue after some equipment was moved around. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Westwind Towers high-rise kitchen fire extinguished by sprinkler system

ELGIN, IL (December 11, 2017) – A cooking fire that began on the stove and spread to the cabinets of a fifth floor Elgin apartment unit on December 11, 2017 was extinguished when one sprinkler in the unit’s sprinkler system was activated. A statement from the Elgin Fire Department said the total damages were limited to $5,000. No injuries were reported.

Sprinklers prevent major damage in one million square foot warehouse

MINOOKA, IL (December 11, 2017) – The Minooka Fire Department responded to an alarm at a logistics warehouse on December 11, 2017. The fire started when a forklift in the building caught fire, forcing evacuation. Crews discovered that two sprinklers had activated, and were containing the blaze until firefighters arrived to extinguish it. Fire Chief Al Yancey says, “This building stores a large quantity of high stack product stored in cardboard boxes. A large commercial fire was prevented by the activation of two sprinklers.” He calls the incident “a major save.”

Chicago high-rise fire originates in ductwork

A December, 2017 fire that began when a motor caught fire in the 3rd floor ductwork of an 18-story building was contained by fire sprinklers. The activation of sprinklers reportedly extinguished 90% of the fire.

Source: Facebook – Northern Illinois Fireground Photos


Fire at a Rock Island school forces evacuation

ROCK ISLAND, IL (November 27, 2017) – Three fire engines responded to a November 27, 2017 fire at Rock Island Academy, a school that teaches students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. According to district Communications Director Holly Sparkman, fire sprinklers were able to extinguish the fire. No injuries were reported.

October 2017

Senior Living Community – Country Club Hills Fire Department

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, IL (October 24, 2017) – The Country Club Hills Fire Department responded to an alarm at Victory Centre, a senior living community, October 24, 10:40 a.m. Firefighters observed water running under a door. Two sprinklers activated and contained a fire in a chair and six packages of paper towel that were near a floor heater. According to training officer Jeff Cook, this is an example of how efficient the sprinklers did their job and extinguished the fire. He said it would have been a disaster if there were no sprinklers.

Valkommen Plaza ninth floor kitchen fire

ROCKFORD, IL  (October 8, 2017) – Fire sprinklers were activated when fire broke out in the kitchen of a unit in a Rockford apartment building on October 8, 2017. A Tweet from the Rockford Fire Department said that the “fire sprinkler system kept fire under control” in the 171-unit building. The fire, which was labeled accidental, was limited to the kitchen of an apartment on the ninth floor of the building.

September 2017

Mechanical fire at Fox Valley Ice Arena

GENEVA, IL (September 24, 2017) – A fire that began in a refrigerator compressor room on September 24, 2017 at an ice rink in Geneva resulted in heavy black smoke showing from the roof area. Fire department officials said the building’s sprinkler system activated and “held the fire in check” until the blaze was extinguished after 40 minutes. Fire Chief Mike Antenore said the facility resumed partial operations later the same morning, and full operations later in the day. Chief Antenore reported no one was hurt.

Single-family Home Fire – Countryside Fire Protection District

LONG GROVE, IL (September 22, 2017) – When firefighters with the Countryside Fire Protection District arrived on the scene at a single-family home in Long Grove, September 22, the fire inside the home was controlled by the home’s fire sprinkler system.

The fire originated on the outside back of the three-story house. The flames traveled up the vinyl siding and entered the home through a first-floor window, into the great room. Heat from the fire activated two sprinklers and stopped the fire from spreading throughout the home. Firefighters used hoses to extinguish the outside of the house.

Because flashover was prevented, firefighters could readily and safely enter the home to conduct a search and extinguish remaining embers. Residents weren’t home at the time of the fire, but their dog was.

Long Grove was the first community in Illinois to pass an ordinance requiring fire sprinklers in all new home construction in 1988. That effort was led by Fire Chief Dave Grupp Long Grove Fire Protection District.

Warehouse Fire – Plano Molding Company
Sandwich Fire Department

PLANO, IL  – The fire sprinkler system kept a fire in a stack of pallets in check while occupants safely evacuated. The Sandwich Fire Department extinguished the fire in less than 20 minutes. FM 107