Illinois+Fire+Sprinkler+Coalition+applicationThe Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition (IFSC) has developed a mobile app to educate the public and elected officials on home fire sprinklers. And the organization would like your feedback.
While in its infancy stage, the app is a resource for fire sprinkler information for all sprinkler advocates.
You’ll find information about:

  • NFPA 13D
  • Plans and specifications to build your own NFPA 13D simulator display
  • Home fire sprinkler YouTube videos and public service announcements (PSAs)
  • How-to on conducting a sprinkler open house event
  • House blueprint w/ properly located fire sprinklers
  • Illinois-specific information
    • Illinois Fire Investigation Act
    • Upcoming events
    • High-rise fire sprinkler PSA

The IFSC would like your feedback on the app in its current form. It currently serves as a resource for fire sprinkler information, but the IFSC also envisions it answering sprinkler-related questions and making it easier to educate the public about fire sprinklers. The IFSC foresees all state sprinkler coalitions using the app for their efforts.
Send the IFSC your wish list of needs and wants for the app. For example, what feature would be useful in the field when educating a resident or elected official? What feature is needed to help explain home fire sprinklers to a builder? Currently, the app is only available in the Google Android Play Store. Search “Illinois Coalition.”
Please send us your feedback.