Have you ever stopped to think about how safe a residential high-rise building would be in the event of a fire? If it doesn’t include fire sprinklers, the answer is simple: it’s not safe enough.

Residents of high-rises without fire sprinkler systems are much more likely to die in a fire, and those fortunate enough to escape could still face injury and significant property losses. The National Fire Protection Association reported that from 2007-2011, high-rise fires caused nearly $219 million in property damage each year.

Why even risk the potential of such loss when a fire sprinkler system can easily be retrofitted to any building

Fire sprinklers are easier to install in existing high-rises than most people think. The infrastructure is already in place, making fire sprinklers a cost-effective solution for fire safety.

If a fire starts, the heat from the fire will activate only the sprinkler closest to the fire, limiting damage to a single area and preventing the release of deadly smoke and toxins. Fire sprinklers are the only technology that proactively control or extinguish a fire, prevent it from spreading, and provide time for residents to escape.

Also, owners and residents of high-rises protected with fire sprinklers receive discounts on their fire insurance.

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