perlman-apt-highrise-evanstonOn March 12, 2016, a single fire sprinkler extinguished a kitchen fire in an apartment unit on the top floor of the Housing Authority of Cook County’s Perlman Apartments high-rise in Evanston. The tenant, who is wheelchair-bound, and her daughter were both asleep at the time of the fire. An estimated $200,000 was saved due to the quick response of the fire sprinkler.

Through guidance from the Evanston Fire Prevention Bureau, the building, which has over 100 tenants, was recently retrofitted with fire sprinklers in November 2015.

This sprinkler save proved that the fire sprinkler system was a great investment for life and property protection.

“If not for the sprinkler, the tenant would probably not be here today. Other seniors on her floor would have been in jeopardy as well,” said Evanston Fire Captain John Roche.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the upgrade to the suppression system saved the day for us, but more importantly, the lives of the residents and limited the damage to this property,” added Fire Chief Greg Klaiber.