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May 2016

Fox Lake Fire Protection District

A fire sprinkler controlled a fire in the garage of a four-unit townhome, allowing the residents to escape unharmed by preventing the fire from spreading to inside the residence and the three other attached units.
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David Becker, Fire Marshal,
Fox Lake Fire Protection District

April 2016

U.S. Cellular Field
Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system at the ballpark for the Chicago White Sox contained an early morning fire in a storage area. The successful activation came on the morning of the White Sox home opener against the Cleveland Indians.
“This one was more than a save for fire sprinklers, it was a save for baseball, and it really shows how important fire sprinklers are in the early containment of a fire,“ said Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. “Because of fire sprinklers, and the quick actions of the Chicago Fire Department, there are a lot of fans out there who are going to enjoy an opening day they might not otherwise have been able to see. This fire might have been a curve ball for opening day, but fire sprinklers definitely hit a home run.”
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Oak Lawn Respiratory & Rehabilitation Center
Oak Lawn Fire Department

The nursing home’s fire sprinkler system controlled a clothes dryer fire in the basement until fire crews arrived. Everyone safely evacuated the building and no injuries were reported.. Firefighters did not need their hose lines, but rather fire extinguishers to complete extinguishment. Once the building was aired out, the patients were able to return to their rooms.
Oak Lawn Patch

Lexington Health Care
Orland Fire Protection District

The retirement home’s fire sprinkler system quickly controlled a fire, caused by a coffee maker on a shelf, as it spread to a desk and an adjacent wall in a basement maintenance area.
Fire officials said the quick response of the fire sprinkler system saved lives and minimized damage, stating that it could have been a far worse fire without fire sprinklers. Damage was limited to the desk and shelves. When firefighters arrived, they only needed to use a fire extinguisher to completely extinguish the smoldering fire.

“This was a perfect example of how the sprinkler system quickly prevented the fire from spreading throughout the property, and minimized the intrusion on the lives of the residents in the home,” said Orland Fire Protection District Fire Chief Michael Schofield. “Every year at our open house event, we demonstrate the role fire sprinkler systems play in saving lives and preventing damage caused by fires in businesses, properties like assisted living centers, and even in private homes.”

Since the fire sprinkler system limited the spread of the fire, no residents needed be moved or evacuated and the daily operations of the facility were not interrupted.
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Michael Schofield, Fire Chief,
Orland Fire Protection District

Peel Wood Fired Pizza
O’Fallon Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system inside the restaurant prevented an outside dumpster fire, which entered the back wall, from getting inside the rest of the building.

March 2016

Perlman Apartments (Housing Authority of Cook County)
Evanston Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a kitchen fire in an apartment unit on the top floor of the high-rise building. The tenant, who is wheelchair-bound, and her daughter were both asleep at the time of the fire. An estimated $200,000 was saved due to the quick response of the fire sprinkler.
The building, which has over 100 tenants, was just recently retrofitted with fire sprinklers in November 2015.
“If not for the sprinkler, the tenant would probably not be here today. Other seniors on her floor would have been in jeopardy as well,” said Evanston Fire Captain John Roche.
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John Roche, Captain/Inspector,
Evanston Fire Department

February 2016

Biggers Chevrolet
Elgin Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system at the car dealership controlled a fire, confining it and limited its spread, until fire crews arrived on the scene. The damage was confined to a heating unit in the shop area, a spray booth and the roof covering.

No one was injured and damage was limited to only $40,000 to the structure and its contents.
“We could have lost a car dealership last night but fire sprinklers kept the fire in check and our guys finished the job,” said Elgin Fire Chief John Fahy.
John Fahy, Fire Chief,
Elgin Fire Department

Walgreens (Corporate Headquarters)
Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District

The fire sprinkler system at the Deerfield office building contained a fire in a walk-in cooler.
“The large office building was built without fire sprinklers back in the 1970s, but in 2011, Walgreens worked with Chris Johnson and the fire prevention bureau to retrofit a sprinkler system and update the fire alarm system. This was not required, but because of the dedication of a full-time staffed bureau and a long-standing, progressive and positive relationship, the project was seen to completion,” says Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Ray Larson.
Ray Larson, Deputy Chief,
Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District

Trump Tower
Chicago Fire Department

Fire sprinklers in the 98-story high-rise controlled a fire in a trash compactor on the 50th floor, preventing injuries, deaths and major property damage.
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Scott Hall – University of Illinois
Champaign Fire Department

One fire sprinkler extinguished an overnight trash can fire in a common area garbage closet on the second floor of the residence hall.
“The sprinkler system did its job,” said Urbana Fire Chief Brian Nightlinger.

Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the one-story warehouse contained a fire that was located in stacks of cardboard.

Masters Shipping
Bedford Park Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler kept a fire in check the multi-tenant warehouse building. The fire began when a 480-volt electric bus run shorted out and caused sparks to fall on a stack of pallets and mattresses below. The fire smoldered for approximately 15 minutes before it began to grow and activate the fire sprinkler. There was no serious damage to the building and the business was able to reopen in a few hours.
“Thank goodness for the fire sprinklers, otherwise the building and full property would be lost,” said one of the Bedford Park fire chiefs to the business owner.
Mike Willis

January 2016

Naperville Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the building, along with firefighter hoses, helped extinguish a fire in a rear storage room. There were no injuries reported.
Naperville Sun

December 2015

Chaddock School
Quincy Fire Department

Before fire crews arrived on the scene of a mattress fire at the on-campus special education school, the fire sprinkler system in one of the cottages extinguished the fire. No injuries were reported.

Senior Housing
Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the six-story residential building controlled a fourth-floor fire that was caused by an oven-related fire. The tenant, who was not in her unit at the time of the fire, accidentally left the oven on, which ignited a can of grease that she stored in tin foil on the oven rack. The fire escaped the oven and ignited a plastic appliance. The smoke hood activated but failed to extinguish the fire before the fire sprinkler activated and controlled it.
All residents escaped and all but the fourth-floor residents returned to their units following the fire. Once the fire sprinkler system was repaired and placed back in service, the remaining residents from the fourth floor returned to their units. Only the tenant in the unit where the fire occurred was unable to return that night.
Brian Driscoll,
Sprinkler Fitters Local 281

November 2016

21 Kristin Place (High-Rise)
Schaumburg Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler contained a cooking fire in one of the living units on the fourth floor of the residential high-rise. Fire damage was contained to the kitchen cabinets. There have been a number of sprinkler saves in this particular building since the fire sprinkler system was installed as part of an ordinance enacted by Schaumburg in 2004.
Michael Rons, Fire Marshal,
Schaumburg Fire Department

One Prairie Place (Governors State University)
University Park Fire Department

A fire sprinkler in the two-story, 77-unit dormitory extinguished and prevented the spread of a fire that occurred due to unattended cooking on an electric stovetop in a quad room kitchenette.

October 2015

Apartment Building
Mount Prospect Fire Department

One fire sprinkler controlled an over fire one of the dwelling units. Damage was limited to the stove area. No injuries were reported.
“The automatic fire sprinkler system performed as designed,” said Interim Fire Chief Brian Lambel.
Bryan Loomis, Fire Marshal,
Mount Prospect Fire Department

Pack Rat Enterprises
Mount Prospect Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler held a vehicle fire in check until firefighters arrived at the 60,000-square-foot warehouse. Fire damage was limited to the vehicle. No injuries were reported.
“Without the automatic fire sprinkler system and fire alarm system, the loss to this building could have been much more significant,” stated Interim Fire Chief Brian Lambel.
Bryan Loomis, Fire Marshal,
Mount Prospect Fire Department

September 2015

Multifamily Building
Lise-Woodridge Fire Protection District

A fire sprinkler in a kitchen of one of the living units put out a grease fire. By the time the resident called 9-1-1 to report the emergency, the fire already was completely extinguished by the sprinkler system. The fire department arrived to no fire and virtually no fire damage, with the exception of some scorch marks on a wall. No one was injured in the fire.
“Fires that occur in multifamily residential building can be very damaging, as they will often spread into the attic space and cause major fire and smoke damage,” said Chris Hull, fire inspector for the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District. “Fortunately, this entire residential complex underwent major renovations several years ago. As part of the construction, the Village of Woodridge required a residential fire sprinkler system to be retrofitted in every building, protecting each unit and the public corridors.”
“Because of the successful operation of the fire sprinkler system in this residential building, this fire was quickly extinguished and it did not have the opportunity to spread,” he added.
Chris Hull, Fire Inspector,
Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District

Multifamily Building
Tinley Park Fire Department

A single sidewall fire sprinkler controlled the spread of a trash can fire on the first floor of the three-story, 12-unit residential building.  Estimated damage was only $3,000 (versus an average of $80,941 for structure fires from January 2012-October 2015). No occupants were displaced.
Bill Proper, Public Education Coordinator,
Tinley Park Fire Department

February 2015

Marina City
Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the high-rise extinguished a fire in a trash chute.
Loop North News