couple who were getting married later that day. Fortunately, a fire marshal was able to salvage a doused marriage license and a letter that the groom planned to read at the ceremony, however, the wedding rings could not be located at the time. Two groomsmen who lived next door were not home and lost a dog and cat to the fire. With many creative-types living in the building, there were many one-of-a-kind pieces of art and costumes that also were lost. Tom Harvey of Nova Fire Protection reports of a friend who was also affected by the fire. She and her boyfriend, who is battling cancer, lost everything. She notes that the only reason she became aware of the fire and got out safely was because a neighbor was pounding on everyone’s doors after he was signaled by his dog’s whimpering at his door. The fire alarm had been going off but could not be heard until the residents opened their doors to the hallway. As she entered the hallway, thick black smoke was quickly filling it. “I grabbed my dogs, threw their leashes on, and grabbed my cell phone. My neighbor took the two small dogs because the third slipped out of her collar and ran back into our unit,” she recalls. “In the matter of minutes it took me to to get our third dog out, the smoke was down to my waist and I had to get low to get to the stairs and out. It moved so fast that everyone basically got out with the clothes on their backs.” Her and her boyfriend were “between places,” so they didn’t have renters insurance. They were allowed to go back to the building in the following weeks to see what could be salvaged, but not much was left that was not damaged by fire, smoke, or mold. She notes that the loss is well over $200,000. One of her dogs was hit by a car after the chaos of escaping from the building, which created additional costs in vet bills. These are just a few examples of the types of people who are affected everyday by fires in unsprinklered buildings in Chicago and throughout the nation. While they may survive the fires, they lose a large portion of their lives and memories as they helplessly watch their homes and possessions burn. Meanwhile, Chicago does not require fire sprinklers in multifamily buildings such as where the fire occurred. The fire is just one of many examples of what could continue to happen until the day that fire sprinklers are finally required by Chicago code, which will prevent similar losses in the future. A better story than the couple who lost their belongings to fire on their wedding day would be the couple whose residence and possessions were saved by fire sprinklers on their wedding day.  ]]>