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May 2013


College Station Apartments Normal Fire Department

The automatic fire sprinkler system in the apartment building extinguished a stovetop fire. The fire began when oil being heated in a pan ignited and the resident attempted to smother it with a dish towel, which also caught fire. Then the resident flushed the pan with water in the sink, which intensified the flames at which point the fire sprinkler system activated to douse the flames. Fire damage was limited to the stovetop and range hood. No injuries were reported. “This is a very lucky situation for the resident. The act of putting water on a grease fire could have had catastrophic consequences for them,” said Matt Swaney, a public education officer for the Normal Fire Department. “The fact that the resident escaped without sever burn injuries is truly remarkable.” The Pantagraph  

April 2013


Illini Tower Champaign Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the residential high-rise building for University of Illinois students helped control a fire that began in the basement’s trash chute collection dumpster. Damage was only estimated to be around $5,000. The Daily Illini  

Advanced Electronics West Chicago Fire Protection District

The automatic fire sprinkler system contained a fire in the one-story factory where printed circuit boards are manufactured. No employees were present at the time of the fire because the business had already closed for the day. “The sprinkler system did its job and saved a lot of property,” said Deputy Chief Joe Buenrostro. Daily Herald  

Abbott Molecular Des Plaines Fire Department

The building’s fire sprinkler system contained a minor laboratory fire that began when a technician was working with chemicals and the fumes ignited, thereby igniting nearby combustibles as well. Upon arrival, fire crews put out the remaining fire with fire extinguishers. There was only $35,000 in damages and no injuries to any of the occupants in the building. Daily Herald  

Wheaton North High School Wheaton Fire Department

In an incident before classes began, the school’s fire sprinkler system extinguished a small fire that started in a science storage room. Students arriving to school were directed to the fieldhouse until the fire department cleared the building for classes to resume. No injuries were reported. Erica Loiacono, Director of Public Relations, Community Unit School District 200  

Apartment Normal Fire Department

A fire sprinkler prevented the spread of a fire, which was caused by an unattended candle in the rear bathroom of a second-story apartment. Firefighters finished extinguishing the fire and no injuries were reported. Normal Fire Department spokesman Matt Swaney advised against using candles in sleeping areas or within a foot of anything that can burn — and to never leave a candle unattended. The Pantagraph  ]]>