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February 2013


Warehouse Des Plaines Fire Department

Two fire sprinklers held a fire in check that began in a shelving area in the warehouse, which contains multiple business in on two floors and a basement. Damage was kept to about only $25,000, and all of the other businesses were able to resume operations the next day. “If it were not for the building being sprinklered, it most likely would have been a complete loss due to the heavy fire load and building design, among other factors,” said Des Plaines Fire Prevention Division Chief Jeff Schuck. Jeff Schuck, Fire Prevention Division Chief, Des Plaines Fire Department

January 2013


Longwood Plaza Apartments Rockford Fire Department

The building’s fire sprinkler system doused a fire from a heater in the basement stairwell of the five-story building. The newspaper reported that the fire sprinkler system “may have paid for itself” when it prevented the fire from spreading. No injuries were reported, and damage was limited to $500. Rockford Register Star  

Advanced Valve Technologies Elk Grove Village Fire Department

The manufacturing plant’s fire sprinkler system controlled a fire that began in a paint spraying room, as employees were able to put out the remainder of the fire with dry chemical extinguishers. Damages were limited to the room, and no injuries were reported. Daily Herald  

Kobe East Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

A single fire sprinkler at the sushi bar not only controlled, but also quickly extinguished a fire that began when an electrical strip burned and melted, all before fire crews arrived. The fire was contained to the room of origin and no further suppression was needed. Guy Trayling, Assistant Fire Marshal, Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue  

December 2012


Wadley Apartments Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

On the night of Christmas Eve, a single sprinkler contained and extinguished a fire near a computer desk in one unit of the two-story, 16-unit multifamily building. No injuries were reported, and residents from fourteen of the sixteen units were able to return to their respective apartments for the holidays. Damage was minor, but Deputy Chief James Keener notes that it could have reached $1,000,000 had fire sprinklers not been present. James Keener, Deputy Chief, Bourbonnais Fire Protection District  ]]>