Excerpt from Firehouse.com article: Firehouse recently interviewed Ernie Mitchell, administrator of the United States Fire Administration (USFA), to discuss USFA’s current projects. He discussed home fire sprinklers in detail:

“Things are going full steam ahead at the USFA these days. While the projects run the gamut, they all have one central theme – enhance the safety of people who are answering the calls, explained USFA Administrator Ernie Mitchell…. Preventing fires enhances responder safety, and the USFA head said it’s in everyone’s best interest to promote it. ‘Fire is Everyone’s Fight.’ Mitchell said he can’t say enough about how important it is for people to install home fire sprinklers. Furniture and other home furnishings are burning hotter and faster which means a resident’s time for escaping down. He pointed out that studies on these materials are taking place in various labs. It’s important, he said, that firefighters understand what they’re facing fighting a home fire, and that flashovers can occur quicker. Even with everyone feeling the budget crunch, it’s important that the research continue as responders’ and civilians’ lives are at stake. “We’re fortunate we have the expertise of talented people.”
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