Officials from the IFSA recognize Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Public Building Commission of Chicago for retrofitting the Daley Center with fire sprinklers.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2498" align="alignright" width="299"] NIFSAB and other organizations held the first-ever fire sprinkler demonstrations on Daley Center Plaza to educate passersby.[/caption] On November 13, the Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC), which is headed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as chairman and manages construction and renovation projects for the City of Chicago, received the Excellence in Public Safety Award from the Illinois Fire Services Association (IFSA), an umbrella organization comprised of fire service organizations from across the state. The award, which was presented by the IFSA at the PBC board meeting, recognizes the PBC for the fire sprinkler retrofit completed at the Richard J. Daley Center in March 2012. The $18 million life-safety systems upgrade project included the installation of a new fire suppression (sprinkler) system throughout the entire 1.5 million square feet of the building, and completed within the Chicago Landmark requirements. Also included were installation and replacement of Fire Alarm Panel, Annunciator Panel and life-safety devices such as smoke detectors and audio visual devices throughout the building. [caption id="attachment_2496" align="alignright" width="300"] Fire officials and fire protection industry professionals recognize the Daley Center fire sprinkler retrofit.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2635" align="alignright" width="300"] Bob Morris, executive director of the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association, explains the benefits of fire sprinklers to a passerby at the Daley Center Plaza .[/caption] Through diligent process analysis, the PBC was able to implement the life-safety systems upgrade for almost half of the originally budgeted cost and without disruption to the daily business operations at the Daley Center. Further, these important upgrades help to provide a safe building environment for those that work in the Daley Center and the millions of people that visit the building each year. During the day of the recognition, the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board held fire sprinkler demonstrations for the public to view on Daley Center Plaza, using the Illinois Fire Inspector Association‘s fire sprinkler trailer. NIFSAB would like to specifically thank the following people for attending: Mike Stoffa from the Illinois Firefighter’s Association; Marvin Hill  from the Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts; Bob Morris, Joey Jeraminas and Mike Schmitt from the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association; Bob Tinucci from the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association and Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts; Mary Werderitch and Laura Barros from the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance; and Jim French and Steve Iovinelli from the Illinois Fire Services Association.  ]]>