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September 2012


Roosevelt School Apartments Decatur Fire Department

Fire sprinklers contained and extinguished a fire that began in a first-floor apartment unit when food was left cooking on the stove too long. No injuries were reported. “It was a small fire,” Decatur Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Abbott said, “and the fire sprinkler system (in the apartment) had extinguished it by the time we got there. All we had to do was turn off the sprinkler system valve and ventilate the apartment. It was a successful use of the sprinkler system.” Herald & Review  

August 2012


Single-Family Home Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company

A single fire sprinkler in a six-year-old home contained and extinguished a kitchen fire caused by a coffee maker that was too close to a gas stovetop, where a boiling pot of water was left unattended as the homeowners were in their backyard. Fire and smoke damage were kept to a minimum because of the fire sprinkler’s quick activation. The fire department estimated that thousands of dollars in damage were saved. See the entire Fire Sprinkler Times article about the successful activation. Donald Iacobazzi, Fire Investigator, Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company  

Tri Supply Company Loves Park Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the building contained a morning fire that began due to electrical problems in a box truck parked in the garage. No injuries were reported. Rockford Register Star  

Right Pointe DeKalb Fire Department

The concrete plant’s fire sprinkler system extinguished a fire before fire crews arrived. Daily Chronicle

Solo Cup Company Urbana Fire Department

Fire sprinklers helped contain a fire sparked by a malfunctioning machine that stamps out plastic cups at the factory. All workers were safely evacuated, no one was hurt, and there was no major damage. Production was expected to resume the following morning. News-Gazette  

July 2012


Commercial Building Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

The fire sprinkler system in a partitioned 5,000-square-foot space of a larger commercial structure contained a fire that began with a malfunctioning laser-printing machine until fire crews arrived. There was no report of civilian or firefighter injuries. Terry Johnston, Captain, Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue  

June 2012


Bunge North America Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

Prior to firefighter arrival, one fire sprinkler extinguished a fire in a hopper used to collect waste products from the manufacturing process in the edible oils factory. Approximately $100,000 in damage was avoided. “The plant continued to operate, while only the area of the fire sprinkler activation was shut down,” said Bourbonnais Deputy Chief James Keener. James Keener, Deputy Chief, Bourbonnais Fire Protection District  

Nexeo Solutions Willow Springs Fire-Rescue

A single fire sprinkler at the chemical company’s warehouse extinguished a fire that began among wooden pallets and two drums of materials. “These systems are in place for this reason. I cannot find a better example of why we require fire alarms and sprinklers,” said Willow Springs Fire Chief Larry Moran. Oak Brook Suburban Life  

Wal-Mart Marion Fire Department

Fire sprinklers contained a grease fire in the store’s deli department. No one was hurt. WSIL-TV  

University of Illinois – Advanced Transportation & Research Engineering Laboratory Rantoul Fire Department

Fire sprinklers activated to contain a fire that ignited when people were mixing solvents and other chemicals in an aluminum container and heating it with an electric burner. Damage was estimated at only $10,000 and was largely limited to the single room. No injuries were reported. News-Gazette  

May 2012


Holiday Inn Express Rosemont Public Safety Department

The fire sprinkler system in the hotel activated to confine a fire to a maid’s closet and elevator area where it originated, keeping it from spreading to other floors. No injuries were reported. Rosemont Journal]]>