John Viniello[/caption] The following message comes from a “Letter to the Editor” by John Viniello, former president of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, and was published in The Journal News (New York) on August 31, 2012:

Almost four months ago a devastating house fire claimed four lives in Carmel, New York. The home built of lightweight construction was a contributing factor how the fast fire spread. How high does the body count have to get before the county executive holds public hearings seeking input to be sure that another fire tragedy does not repeat itself? There has never, in more than a century, been a multiple death from fire where there was a properly installed and properly maintained fire sprinkler system. The solution exists; unfortunately the county leadership lacks the political will to be proactive rather than reactive. Could it be that building interests and their political contributions to county legislators running for office are more important than saving lives? If so, a sad commentary indeed putting dollars before lives.