In April 1988, the Village of Long Grove became the first jurisdiction to pass a residential fire sprinkler ordinance in Illinois. Prior to adoption, former Long Grove Fire Protection District Fire Chief Dave Grupp and other former fire officials were at the lead educating Village officials about the benefits of fire sprinklers. Twenty-four years later, Long Grove has approximately 1,500 residences sprinklered. Dave Grupp is now retired from the fire service but continues to stay involved as a fire protection consultant and advocate for residential fire sprinklers. Grupp recently stated:

Due to the foresight of the Long Grove village officials in April 1988, when current Fire Chief Bob Turpel and his fire units respond to an alarm of a house fire in Long Grove today, they have a 50/50 chance that they are responding to a home equipped with residential fire sprinklers. To my fellow fire chiefs in communities that do not have an ordinance requiring residential fire sprinklers in all new residences: When the media interviews you or your staff following a residence fire, the difficulties the fire department had in extinguishing the fire were not because of a delayed alarm or the lack of working smoke detectors or nearby fire hydrants. Tell it like it is: ‘The difficulties encountered by the fire department at this fire were because of a defective did not have a residential fire sprinkler system. A house without a fire sprinkler system is a defective house.’