[/caption] The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is asking members of its BUILT FOR LIFE Fire Department (BFLFD) program to apply for a handful of $1,000 stipends it has available for side-by-side flashover and sprinkler demonstrations and public service announcements (PSAs). The deadline to apply for both stipends has been extended until August 31, 2012. Only BFLFDs can apply for the stipends, so sign up for the free BFLFD program and commit to making home fire sprinklers a focus of local educational outreach.   Stipend for Side-by-Side Demonstrations — Apply here Stipends of $1,000 are available to members of HFSC ‘s BFLFD program to help them build and present educational side-by-side flashover and sprinkler demonstrations to the public.   PSA Media Stipend — Apply here HFSC has created three new PSAs and corresponding print advertisements for use by BFLFDs to help dispel fire sprinkler myths fueled by movies. Each comical PSA spoofs a movie set where a burglar tries to clear a room full of people by setting off the sprinkler system. His antics fail, but the humor succeeds at entertaining and educating. In the first PSA, the burglar finds that smoke will not set off a fire sprinkler. In the second and third PSAs, he finds that the heat from a fire only sets off the fire sprinkler above him and does not set off the entire system of sprinklers. A $1,000 stipend program helps fire departments customize the PSAs with logos and contact information and place them in their local media such as TV stations, movie theaters, and websites, while offering similar print advertisements for local newspapers.  ]]>