[/caption] Despite growing interest in home fire sprinkler systems across the U.S. and Canada, unrealistic myths and other inaccurate information about sprinkler technology persist. When questions arise, the local fire service is typically the first point of contact for consumers, homebuilders, public works employees and local officials. If you’re in the line of fire, there’s a helpful tool to refresh your knowledge about sprinklers. The nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has just launched a new online course that provides factual information about residential sprinkler design, operation, installation and water supply. The course is available at no cost. HFSC received a 2010 federal Fire Prevention & Safety Act Grant Award to develop and host the course as part of its ongoing commitment to educating the homebuilding, public works and fire service communities about the life-safety benefits of installing sprinklers in new homes. HFSC produced the new module with Hanley Wood University, the construction industry’s premier continuing education and training developer. “As the fire service works one-on-one with local homebuilders to dispel common myths and increase interest in residential sprinkler technology, HFSC works nationally to create educational tools, materials and activities to support their efforts,” says Gary Keith, HFSC Board Chair. “Now, more than ever, the fire service needs turn-key materials like these so they can incorporate home fire sprinkler information into their local public education outreach.” Among the topics presented in the new course are fire sprinkler system components, installation and maintenance requirements, variations in water supply methods, life-safety benefits and environmental impact. Hanley Wood is providing continuing education credits to members of the construction industry.  For BUILT FOR LIFE Fire Department Program members who complete the course, HFSC will provide a signed Certificate of Completion. The free course is available at: http://hanleywooduniversity.com/learncenter.asp?id=178409&page=550  There is no cost to enroll in HFSC’s BUILT FOR LIFE Fire Department Program.  Learn more about the BFLFD Program and sign up.   ]]>