In mid-July, Pleasantview Fire Protection District‘s very own Dan Tholotowsky made his retirement official with other retiring members of the fire department. Tholotowsky’s served a total of 31 years with the fire department, 28 of which were spent as director of the Fire Prevention Bureau. “As fire marshal, Tholotowsky has been a key proponent of residential fire sprinkler protection and fire alarms as well as code enhancements,” says Fire Chief Kevin Doyle. “More specifically, in recent years, he headed the efforts to assist the City of Countryside with updating its building and fire codes, which led to the City’s adoption of more restrictive fire sprinklers ordinances.” It was for his specific work with Countryside that Tholotowsky was recognized in a June board meeting as the fire protection district’s “Employee of the Year” for 2010, an award he also won in 2000. In addition to Dan’s continuous efforts to upgrade codes of the communities within the fire protection district, Dan’s efforts also included the fire protection district’s seamless transition to a new radio alarm network. Other notable achievements during Tholotowsky’s career included serving as president of the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association in 1991, being recognized as the Allstate “Fire Prevention Hero of the Year” in 1998, and receiving the first annual Wayne Luecht Memorial Award in 2001 for his efforts helping surrounding communities enact codes for fire safety. Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB), praises Tholotowsky for having made fire sprinklers front and center in the fire protection district’s fire prevention programs and messages. Lia specifically mentions the district’s “fire sprinkler tree” that details all the successful fire sprinkler activations that have occurred in the district. “The fire sprinkler tree at Pleasantview is a great visual representation of the fire protection district’s fire sprinkler advocacy efforts,” says Lia. “It demonstrates all the buildings that could have been lost due to fire incidents, but instead were saved by fire sprinklers.” “Dan Tholotowsky’s dedication to fire prevention and safety leaves the fire protection district’s residents and business owners safer than ever,” adds Lia. “We appreciate all he has done to promote fire sprinklers and wish him the best of luck in his retirement.”]]>