The nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) is the recipient of a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to underwrite a multifaceted U.S. educational program. The funding will help fire departments increase local activities that improve knowledge of the dangers of home fires and the value of installing home fire sprinkler systems. It will also educate homebuilders and others to refute common myths and increase interest in the life-saving sprinkler technology. The funding was awarded to HFSC through the Grant Programs Directorate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  “This grant is important because even though home fire sprinkler systems are increasing in popularity across the U.S., there has never been more confusion or misinformation about them,” says HFSC Chair Gary Keith.  “In every community, there is a great need for factual, noncommercial information about sprinklers and this grant will help HFSC produce and deliver it.” HFSC is enhancing its Built for Life Fire Department® Program (BFLFD), which serves as a comprehensive resource to more than 2,000 members, with free turnkey teaching tools and an online peer-to-peer community.  BFLFD is open to any fire department that is committed to making home fire sprinklers a focus of local educational outreach. Highlights of HFSC grant include a national program to provide 50 fire departments with $1,000 stipends so they can build and present educational side-by-side flashover and sprinkler demonstrations to the public. Apply for a $1,000 stipend for your fire department by October 15th. There will also be $1,000 worth of local fire safety educational media for another 50 departments. HFSC will produce a new series of print, broadcast and digital public service announcements (PSA) that will dispel the most common myths about home fire sprinklers. The PSAs will be customizable so fire departments can use them online, on television and in movie theaters. As part of its ongoing outreach to all those involved in new home construction, HFSC will offer a new, free, accredited online course on home fire sprinkler installations for homebuilders, architects and others, and produce a multimedia Water Supply Kit with broad-based information about home system connections, meters, etc. To sign up for the Built for Life Fire Department Program and for more information about these grant-funded programs, visit HFSC online. Also, follow the Coalition on Facebook and on Twitter.]]>