[/caption] As part of the Village of Alsip’s “National Night Out” events outside City Hall on in early August, the Alsip Fire Department offered the public a variety of ways to learn about residential fire sprinklers. Not only was there a residential fire sprinkler display with hangtags explaining the system and its benefits, but also the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) was in attendance with a fire sprinkler demonstration trailer. Deputy Chief Kevin Pickar and NIFSAB Executive Director Tom Lia hosted the live fire sprinkler demonstrations. Several hundred people were at the “National Night Out” event and well over 150 of the attendees witnessed one of the numerous fire sprinkler demonstrations held throughout the event and viewed the quick response of fire sprinklers as they extinguished the fires. According to Pickar, this year’s “National Night Out” event in Alsip was the most successful one yet for the fire department’s public education efforts and he hopes it will help the people make more fire-safe decisions.]]>