July 2011

World Hyundai Matteson Fire Department

A mechanic was draining fuel from a car in the service area of the car dealer when the container overflowed and the fuel found an ignition source. The fire started under the car and quickly grew to activate a single fire sprinkler. The fire sprinkler held the fire in check while the mechanic completed extinguishment with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. “The combination of fire sprinkler, fire alarm and fire extinguisher worked as designed and kept this business functioning with minimal down time, restricting damage to only the front bumper of a vehicle,” said Shift Commander Sam Anello. Sam Anello, Shift Commander, Matteson Fire Department

Business Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

Two sprinklers extinguished a fire that began in a steel-treating kiln before fire crews arrived on the scene. No injuries were reported. Jeffrey Radtke, Shift Commander, Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

UAW Senior Citizens Center (High-Rise) Pekin Fire Department

One sprinkler saved a woman and the 16-story high-rise from a fire. The fire began when the 68-year old woman, who was using oxygen, fell asleep in her armchair and dropped her lit cigarette into the cushions below. She awoke when the flames caught her on fire. According to Fire Chief Kurt Nelson, the fire was contained to the single room and the armchair was nearly extinguished upon the arrival of fire crews. Damage was estimated at only $5,000-10,000. Kurt Nelson, Fire Chief, Pekin Fire Department

June 2011

Southern Belle’s Restaurant & Pancake House Plainfield Fire Protection District

A lightning strike caused a fire on the restaurant’s unprotected roof, however, once the fire burned through the roof and entered the attic space, it was controlled by a single fire sprinkler that kept the fire from running through the building’s wood trusses. According to Fire Inspector Mary Kay Ludemann, the restaurant was able to open for business a few days later. Mary Kay Ludemann, Fire Inspector, Plainfield Fire Protection District

Century Park Condominiums Countryside Fire Protection District

A microwave fire in a kitchen of the 12-unit building was quickly extinguished by a single fire sprinkler. The sprinkler prevented the fire from spreading to the kitchen cabinets and other combustible materials in the area, limiting damage only to the microwave itself. Residents were able to remain in their units without being displaced. “This is a classic example of what fire sprinkler protection provides and why we require fire sprinklers in our building and fire codes,” states Fire Marshal Mike McNally. “In fact, the same unit had a major fire in 2006 when there were no fire sprinklers present and that fire caused over $1.5 million in damage and displaced residents for over a year,” adds McNally. “Thanks to code amendments that were adopted, fire sprinkler protection was required on the restoration.” Mike McNally, Fire Marshal, Countryside Fire Protection District

Salerno’s on the Fox St. Charles Fire Department

According to Fire Chief Patrick Mullen, the restaurant’s fire sprinkler system was a contributing factor in keeping a fire fueled by a natural gas line from spreading further into the restaurant from its point of origin. The six-foot-high “blow torch-like” flames from the gas line had originated in the storage area of the kitchen and a work station for patio service. The Beacon-News

May 2011

AkzoNobel Minooka Fire Protection District

According to firefighters, fire sprinkler contained a small fire over the weekend at the paints, coatings, and specialty chemicals manufacturing plant. The Herald-News

SKF Elgin Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system controlled an early morning fire in the manufacturing plant as fire crews arrived on scene. “Given the time of the fire and the location of the fire, the damage could have been much worse if SKF didn’t have an effective fire protection system,” said Elgin Fire Battalion Chief Terence Bruce. “Fire alarms and sprinklers are critical in fire protection systems.” No one was injured in the fire. Susan Olafson, Public Information Officer, Elgin Fire Department

Apartment Building Lisle-Woodridge Fire District

A fire that began in a single, first-floor apartment unit of the three-story apartment building was controlled and contained by the building’s fire sprinkler system, which kept the fire from spreading to other units. The fire sprinkler system also allowed firefighters to rescue two young children from a bedroom in the unit. Residents from the other units were able to return within three hours. Jim French, Fire Prevention Bureau Chief, Lisle-Woodridge Fire District      ]]>