[caption id="attachment_1126" align="aligncenter" width="518" caption="Dan Turner, fire marshal for the New Lenox Fire Protection District, describes a fire's activity during a live side-by-side demonstration for the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce."][/caption] On June 16, the New Lenox Fire Protection District hosted a live side-by-side demonstration* during a New Lenox Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” event at the fire protection district’s Station One. Fire Marshal Dan Turner emceed the event, which demonstrated the benefits of fire sprinklered buildings and residential structures to the business community at large. “It is very important to demonstrate the life-saving capabilities that fire sprinklers can and do provide in buildings throughout the community,” says Fire Chief Jon Mead. “Our live fire demonstration showed the effectiveness and quick actions of a fire sprinkler in keeping a fire in check until fire crews are able to get to the building in question.” “Fire sprinklers increase life-saving capabilities while providing daily protection; they are silent sentinels that keep you fire-safe,” adds Mead. “These side-by-side demonstrations are a great way to share the information with those who may never actually see the violent and fast-moving nature of a live fire — and hopefully never have to thanks to fire sprinklers and firefighters.” * The side-by-side was able to be reused from a similar demonstration in October 2010 funded by a Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition stipend.]]>