March 2011

Columbus Manor Residential Care Home Chicago Fire Department

Fire sprinklers kept numerous fires in check until fire crews arrived at the nursing home, according to Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford. Arson is suspected with the fires having been set in different locations of the building at the same time. Only one victim suffered smoke inhalation. Chicago Sun-Times

February 2011

Residential Garage West Dundee Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler contained a fire in a garage until fire crews arrived, keeping the fire from spreading to the attached residence and the other three adjoining residences. Only some of the contents in the garage were damaged and not the structure itself. A vehicle in the garage was also left undamaged and remained operable. The probable cause of the fire was improperly discarded smoking materials. “My time in the fire service clearly identifies that the situation and outcome would have been significantly different had the sprinkler system and alarm not been in place,” said Fire Chief Frank Buhrmann. “The possibility of families being displaced, significant structural damage, and personal injury would have been a reality.” “Residents in two of the homes visualized the positive effects of the residential fire sprinkler/suppression system and personally expressed their pleasure that the system is in place,” adds Buhrmann. Frank Buhrmann, Fire Chief, West Dundee Fire Department

Star Plaza Theatre (Merrillville, Indiana) Ross Township Fire Service

A fire sprinkler system in the northwest Indiana theatre extinguished a fire that began onstage during a performance of “Shanghai Circus Live,” which had over 1,800 audience members in attendance. The fire, caused by an unknown source, climbed a red velvet curtain while a stagehand unsuccessfully tried to control it with a fire extinguisher. Fire Chief Ed Yerga said the fire sprinkler system extinguished the fire and allowed the audience and crew members time to escape without injury. Chicago Tribune      

January 2011

Townhome Bartlett Fire Protection District

Two sprinklers kept a fire, which began in an attached garage, from spreading to the first and second floors of the townhome. The residents were able to escape safely from the townhome, but the garage and cars inside it sustained significant damage since the garage itself was not sprinklered. The Courier-News

Hillcrest Nursing Center Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District

One sidewall fire sprinkler quickly extinguished a fire, containing it to one room of the 75-room nursing home. No injuries were reported. Only $10,000 in damages were reported to the structure, which is valued at $2.75 million. Doug Zeigler, Fire Marshal, Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District

December 2010


Kensington Park Pleasantview Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler extinguished a fire from a portable electric power hub in the office building on New Year’s Eve. The fire was contained to the power hub and some other electrical equipment in the area, but only caused minor structural damage. No injuries were reported. The incident marked the fire district’s 57th recorded sprinkler save. Daniel Tholotowsky, Fire Marshal, Pleasantview Fire Protection District

Hallmark Niles Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire in the back storage room of the strip mall store. Unwrapped batteries that are used in greeting cards came in contact with each other in a small box and created a heat-generating circuit that led to the fire. Arnie Witzke, Fire Marshal, North Maine Fire Protection District (reporting on behalf of Niles Fire Department)

November 2010

Ye Olde Town Inn Mount Prospect Fire Department

Early in the morning, firefighters responded to a fire alarm activation at a restaurant in which a fire was controlled by two fire sprinklers. The fire started in the vicinity of a waste can in the basement office area due to carelessly discarded smoking materials. According to a fire department press release, damage was estimated at $10,000, but could have been catastrophic were there no fire sprinkler system. The business was able to open the next day. John Malcolm, Fire Chief, Mount Prospect Fire Department

Oasis Cafe Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the Chicago Loop restaurant extinguished a fire that was started from an improperly discarded cigarette. Mike Guilfoyle Sterling Fire Protection, LLC

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system controlled a fire in a sauna of the eighth-floor health club of the high-rise hotel. No rescues were needed and no injuries were reported. Chicago Breaking News Center

October 2010

Coopers Hawk Winery Pleasantview Fire Protection District

The restaurant’s fire sprinkler system extinguished a fire that was caused by a malfunctioning water heater. The fire was contained to the water heater and no structural components of the building sustained damage. No injuries were reported and business production only stopped for a short period of time. The incident was the fire district’s 56th recorded sprinkler save. Daniel Tholotowsky, Fire Marshal, Pleasantview Fire Protection District

Grapevine Foods Orland Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler activated over an oven in the restaurant’s kitchen, keeping the fire in check. The fire occurred because rags had been left on an oven that had not been turned off after business hours. “If the fire sprinkler didn’t activate, there would have been so much more damage, and the restaurant would not have opened 24 hours later,” said Lieutenant Todd Schuneman. Michael Ercoli, Fire Prevention Supervisor, Orland Fire Protection District

Office Building Clarendon Hills Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler kept damage to a minimum in a real estate office of a two-story building as the fire department responded to multiple calls of a structure fire. David Godek, Code Enforcement Officer, Clarendon Hills Fire Department]]>