August 2010

KDM Carpentersville Fire Department

A machine fire at the custom printing company was put out by the building’s fire sprinkler system before the fire department arrived. Northwest Herald

July 2010

Lieberman Center Skokie Fire Department

One fire sprinkler controlled and extinguished a fire in one of the nursing home’s bathrooms where an electrical short occurred. The building was able to reopen immediately following restoration of the fire sprinkler system. Daniel Smith, Captain of Fire Prevention, Skokie Fire Department

June 2010

High-Rise Building Lombard Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler in the open parking structure of the residential high-rise kept an automobile fire in check. No other automobiles were affected. Fire Inspector Chuck Riforgiate referred to the fire sprinklers, saying that it was “another successful testament to our silent defenders.” Chuck Riforgiate, Fire Inspector, Lombard Fire Department

Palmer Packaging Addison Fire Department

A late night fire caused by an electrical short was contained by a fire sprinkler system until firefighters arrived at the cardboard and paper warehouse. No one was injured and the warehouse was operational again the following morning. Daily Herald

May 2010

Milfico Foods Elk Grove Village Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system at the seafood distributor’s one-story building controlled a kitchen fire in check until fire crews arrived. The fire was caused by a malfunction in a commercial deep fryer. “The fire was held in check by the sprinkler system, and was extinguished by the aggressive efforts of the two fire companies inside the building,” said Fire Battalion Chief Mark Sellers. Daily Herald

Elizabeth Ludeman Center Park Forest Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler activated and controlled a fire in the residential building for the mentally handicapped. Damage was limited to $900 and only affected the clothes dryer where the fire originated and the adjacent wall. An estimated $350,000 was saved and none of the eight individuals in the building at the time were injured. “It is frightening to think of the potential loss of life had the building not been equipped with an operating fire sprinkler system,” said Captain Mike Wheeler. Mike Wheeler, Captain, Park Forest Fire Department

April 2010

Apartment Unit Palatine Fire Department

An automatic fire sprinkler system extinguished a grease fire on the fifth floor of the apartment building before firefighters arrived on the scene. Daily Herald

Paramount Lofts Condominiums Chicago Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system in the condominium building quickly extinguished a fire caused by the sudden ignition of a homemade explosive device. Police were tipped off to the presence of explosives in the condominium unit by the owner’s girlfriend. The fire occurred when police bomb and arson investigators were removing more than a dozen cardboard tubes filled with an explosive substance and capped with plaster. Chicago Tribune

Home Depot Chicago Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system controlled a fire in the Northwest Side home improvement store’s garden supply center until firefighters were on scene. A handful of customers and employees were in the store, but safely evacuated and no one was reported injured. Chicago Sun-Times

March 2010

Blocks Supermarket Hampshire Fire Protection District

Firefighters arrived to find that a single fire sprinkler had extinguished a fire in a second floor compressor room, allowing employees in an adjacent office to safely escape the building. Damage was limited to the compressor room and an estimated $500,000 was saved. Trevor Hermann, Captain, Hampshire Fire Protection District

Condominium Oak Lawn Fire Department

One sprinkler extinguished a fire in a trash dumpster inside the building before fire crews arrived on the scene. An estimated $20,000 was saved. “The fire sprinkler and alarm system activated to avoid potentially high fire damage and loss,” said Lieutenant Gary Patrick. Gary Patrick, Lieutenant – Fire Prevention Bureau, Oak Lawn Fire Department

December 2009

Woods of Palatine Palatine Fire Department

One sprinkler controlled a small fire in a second floor unit of the apartment complex until firefighters arrived. An unattended candle, which had lit nearby paper products, was the culprit of the fire. Damage was limited to $10,000 and the occupants were unharmed. Daily Herald      ]]>